Equine Sports Massage Therapy


Equine Massage therapy is a powerful and non-invasive therapy. Julie customizes each massage for each horse depending on were they have the most muscle tension. Equine Massage stimulates blood flow to different body parts - this encourages oxygen and other nutrients to be brought in while lactic acid builds up and other metabolic waste is eliminated. This helps injured muscles heal faster and keeps healthy muscles pain-free and flexible. Equine Massage is an effective therapy that can benefit horses with varying needs - from head to hoof!

Improve Your Horse's Performance and Balance!

If your horse is a bit of a "bucker," he may be uncomfortable with the saddle or bridle. He may also be sore from training. A thorough massage can help release tension in his muscles and ligaments, resulting in a more relaxed horse. 

Massage can also help with head tossing, often due to tight shoulders or back muscles. A good massage will help to relax these muscles and allow your horse to carry himself more comfortably and correctly. If your horse has problems with lateral movements such as side passes, flying changes, or spins, this could be due to muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area. Again, a thorough massage can help release tension in these muscles so that your horse carries himself better when performing challenging exercises. Your horse has many ways of letting you know he needs attention soon. Don't ignore the signs.

Equine Massage Therapy Benefits

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase performance
  • Relieve pain from injuries such as tendonitis, arthritis, or pulled muscles
  • Promote flexibility of joints
  • Relieve chronic back pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase range of motion in joints
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