At JJ Arena, our goal is to provide an encouraging and empowering space for people of all ages that sparks and encourages a life-long love of learning. We give people the chance to try their hand at horse riding with small class sizes of 1-4 students per lesson. Groom them on the basics of the sport and challenge them to surpass their comfort zones.


Horse riding is considered to be an amazing way of learning new things. It not only unleashes physical capability but also boosts social skills as it involves respect, communication, understanding and patience. Our vision is to apply these same practices in our horse riding lessons for young and adult riders alike so everyone has the opportunity to be inspired and empowered by what they learn.


If you've ever wondered what it would be like to ride a horse, here's your chance. Here are some reasons why you should learn how to ride a horse.


  • A Super Fun hobby that can last your entire life, even if you only do it every now and then.
  • A way to get away from it all, even if it’s just for an hour or two.
  • A great way to exercise and stay fit, no gym required!
  • A chance to meet some fantastic horses & people along the way
  • A family-bonding experience
  • You can learn self-discipline and self-confidence
  • It's an investment in your future


The JJ Arena team is made up of professionals who are passionate about horses and love teaching others about what it means to be around these majestic creatures. Our instructors are trained to help you develop as a rider or just enjoy the experience of being around horses! We offer a variety of programs, from one-on-one lessons to group lessons, and we specialize in improving your barrel racing skills and trimming time off your runs.


Horse riding enthusiasts bring their own horses, or we have horses available for leasing when you want to give it a go but don’t have a horse. Our indoor arena is 80x150 and has a heated spectators' room and is complete with an outdoor arena so no matter the season there are still plenty of lessons you can take away! So come along to JJ Arena and let us help you find your passion and take a step closer to achieving your goals! JJ Arena makes sure every step of your horse riding journey is as smooth as velvet! Book a riding lesson here


We offer riding lessons for clients that own their own horses OR if you don't have a horse you can lease a horse from us.

Lesson rates: $35 per hour per person + $10 if you want to rent a horse

Students are encouraged to think about what they want to work on during the lesson and what they want to accomplish.

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Lessons are available by appointment only.

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