Boarding Options at JJ Arena:

All board does not include grain. You can provide your own grain & feed when you are visiting

Price can go up at any time with a 30 days notice.

Boarders can come 24 / 7 and ride in our indoor and outdoor arenas.

Boarders don't have to pay for Game Practice Nights!

Board Contract

All new board horses must stay in the private pens for 30 days to make sure they don't bring anything into our pastures and existing horses at JJ Arena. 

Vaccination Requirements:

Upon arrival of horse to STABLE proof of current tetanus, and influenza vaccinations is required. Proof of Tetanus are required once yearly and influenza twice yearly. A negative current Coggins test is required for all horses arriving.


With your board, you are given a tack area and you can leave your trailer at JJ Arena. If you want more storage for hay, tack, ect we will go over options and cost.

Extra Horse Boarding Options:

Stall for Pasture Horse - If you want your pasture board horse to be in a stall for grain or anything it’s $100 extra per month or $10 a time. This includes hay. Your horse can either be stalled overnight or turned out when we leave at night; whatever you prefer.

Farrier Appointments / Charges must be prepaid or arrangements made with the farrier in advance.  A $10 holding fee applies to have JJ Arena responsible for being available for the farrier appointment and/or to hold horse(s).

JJ Arena Main Rules:

Clean Up After Yourself & Do not bring your dog and other pets to JJ Arena.

EVERYONE needs to submit a liability release before arriving a JJ Arena, online at:

Boarding Rates:


Private Paddock & Shelter is $300 per month

  • 10x20 stall going out to a 20 to probably 80 ft paddock.
  • No shavings in the stall, its dirt floor and snow and water make shavings an expensive option. If you want shavings you purchase and put them in your stall.
  • Unlimited hay in hay nets is used.
  • Deduct $100 if you prefer to bring your own hay AND feed it to your horse. Additional hay or grain must be provided by owner or purchased from JJ Arena.

Pasture Board and a stall is $350 per month

    • You have your own stall in which you are responsible for cleaning and putting shavings in.
    • Only offered to horses staying 3+ months.
    • They have one 10x20 lean-to in the pasture

Pasture Board is $300 per month with no stall

      • You do not have an individual stall for your horse.
      • Only offered to horses staying 3+ months.
      • They have one 10x20 lean-to in the pasture