SOLD 2019 Grade Buckskin – Little Cowboy

Little Cowboy is broke and does not have a mean bone in his body. Started very nicely and has been used as a lesson horse a little bit and is started on all the game events. You can throw a rope off him and drag a sled. This little guy (14.2 hands) is as safe as you can find for a 3 year or a 20-year-old. There is not very many 3 year old horses that I would trust with a beginner, but I would trust Little Cowboy. They can learn together and he will only go as fast as asked. Nothing around our farm – 4 wheelers, cattle, equipment, crazy kids, plastic flying in the wind has scared him. I will spend some time in our cattle pens before the auction and get some videos. Don’t miss out just because he is young. His age and temperament are added bonuses. He has tons of years left to be ridden and will excel in pretty much any direction – 4H, barrels, fun shows, trail riding, roping, team penning, lesson program and more!



December 11th, 2021:

August 12th: