Mustang Sally – All Around Horse $10,000

Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally – Broke – Quiet – Built To Last – 2009 – 12 year old mare that is super nice on trails, working cattle and does all our obstacle course and game events. Been used for riding lesson and my husbands horse for years. My husband only rides a few times a year. She is offered for sale for the first time at JJ Arena.

JJ Arena riders have taught Mustang Sally all the game events.

Sally is used for lessons for:

  • Lead line lessons
  • Learning and improving your skills with the game events
  • Riding lessons
  • Learning your leads and improving your skills with working on side passing, backing, having your horse give to the bit, ect.
  • Sally can also be rented for horse shows that we put on or that we are driving to.

Sally is also available for lease and for sale!

  • Leasing her out for the day on our property. $25 per ride
  • OR you can buy Sally for $10,000

More information on Sally:

  • Neck reins, you can hold a camera, beer, kid easily while riding her 😉
  • She is a Mustang with a tattoo, so that is her registration. Not guaranteed you can read it, but my husband did look it up before.

Lessons are $35 per hour with Sally. Email Julie to schedule your next lesson or lease or call or text: 715-554-3460

Mustang Sally

Videos from April 17th, 2021:

May 2018 – Farmer Josh’s first time on Mustang Sally:

Spring 2019 – Josie riding Mustang Sally:

Breanna’s 1st Ride on Sally: