Open Riding / Arena Rental

Open Riding cost: $20 per horse & rider + $5 per each additional horse. This rates are NOT exclusive use of the arena. No need to call ahead, simply sign up online here. Open Riding is available 7 days a week besides when we have booked events on our Facebook events page.

Open Riding Options:

  • $20 per time, per person
  • $100 per month, per person
  • $250 per year, per person
  • $450 per year, per family


Sign Up Form for Open Riding

Want to host an event or ride at JJ Arena?

Exclusive Arena Rent for Small Groups, Private Use:
$40 an hour per horse for non boarders and $10 an hour per horse for boarders for the large arena. Same rate for the outdoor arena. The warm up arena is $25 / $10.

If you prefer exclusive use of the arena please call or text 715-554-3460 and upon approval we will add your arena event/booking to our calendar. Please check our calendar for availability / current booked events.

Arena Rent Rates
Events, Clinics…. Exclusive Arena Use:
Weekend Rates: $500 a day or $1,000 for the weekend (Friday thru Sunday)
Week Day Rates: $250 a day