Hero – 14 Year Old Quarter Horse Gelding

Used on Ranch and around the house. My daughter and her friends and her friends Mom have been riding him this Spring.

I used him to get cattle out of the mud and penned up. He was calm and very useful.

Not Papered

Answers to common asked questions:

  • Great trail horse; however, I have not taken him on an overnight camping trip, so not sure about how he is over night.
  • Yes, he will ride out by himself
  • We have had Hero since January and never put shoes on him.
  • We are selling Hero because my daughter and I buy and sell horses for fun
  • Hero is around 15.1 hands tall
  • He will stand for a ladder
  • Loads in a trailer super easy
  • Stands quietly while being saddled
  • No health issues
  • Kept in a pasture with mares and geldings
  • Comes into a stall to eat 3 lbs of Safe Choice grain
  • Firm on price, he is getting a lot of inquiries and don’t see him lasting 2 more weeks online (I’m traveling April 22nd – April 25th, so he can’t be shown those days.)


  • For some people he’s harder to get going
  • For me he knows I want to go, so he also wants to go 🙂
  • He does not always pick up his left lead

Below are some videos of Hero.
Videos from April 17th, 2021:

When it’s too muddy in the steer pen and we need to bring a load in… Hero saves the day!!! This was the first time I rode a horse in our steer pen and Josh was worried I was going to run the steers thru the fence. Hero showed him how it’s done safely and fun! Plus I did not loose my boots in the mud. 👢🐴