Horses On Consignment – Starting at $400 a month and 10% Commission

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Basic Riding & Barrel Racing Training & Selling Horses On Consignment

Training Fees:

$800 a month – 5 sessions a week


$700 a month – 4 sessions a week


$600 a month – 3 sessions a week


$500 a month – 2 sessions a week


$400 a month – 1 session a week


Price includes hay, and up to 3 lbs of grain. You would be in charge of worming, farrier, and any other horse care cost.
Selling horses on consignment fee is 10% commission and the training fee option you pick from above. Every training session/riding session with your horse we will post a new picture(s) or video of your horse and promote that he/she is for sale.

We will also post ads on and Facebook, and show your horse to potential buyers.

Contact Julie for an appointment or free evaluation today!
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Training & sales horses will be in a pen with 1-4 other horses and with a shelter.